Labor Law Poster Compliance Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Bring more value, depth and loyalty to your client relationships.

Regardless of industry, regardless of size, every business in the United States is required to place labor law posters in the workplace. And when there are remote employees, employers are obligated to share labor law notices with them too! When employers are not compliant or postings do not reflect the current version of the ever-changing array of labor laws, they are at increased risk of fines and lawsuits. Make sure that never happens to your clients! Complement your services with PosterElite’s turnkey, white-label labor law solutions to expand and elevate your client relationships.

On Site Labor Law Poster Solution

On Site Labor Law Poster Compliance

PosterElite solutions put labor law poster compliance for the on-site workplace on auto pilot for thousands of businesses nationwide. In addition to a high-quality laminated poster, subscribers automatically receive updates when laws change, access to city, county, and specialized notices, and a new poster every year. Compliance is guaranteed, or we pay the fine!

Remote Employee Labor Law Poster Compliance

PosterElite’s one-of-a-kind online, remote employee solution sends digital labor law posters to remote employees which are compliant to their actual work location. Our solution sends notifications automatically, captures a record of employee acknowledgement, and helps employers ensure compliance with Department of Labor guidelines for their remote workers.
Remote employee solution
Workplace safety

Labor Law Poster & Workplace Safety eCommerce

Open your own private-labeled online shop store with labor law posters, OSHA safety products, COVID kits and more. We set it up, manage it, and take care of all order fulfillment. You help your clients while sharing the revenue from online sales.

Client Acquisition & Engagement

Generate more leads and converting them to set more appointments with PosterElite’s proven client acquisition solution. Help your prospective clients stay compliant by providing free labor law posters and see immediate results! Let us show you how.
Payroll Industry

Turnkey, White Label Partner Solutions – Your Brand, You Create Value for Your Clients, We Do all the Work!

PosterElite’s unique, turnkey affiliate program helps our partners seamlessly integrate labor law poster compliance into their own portfolio of services, while we do all of the hard work behind the scenes. Whether you choose to sell separately or bundle into an existing service, our proven process provides all of the assistance needed to ensure a successful launch, including marketing support, private labeled posters, automated updates, subscription management, order fulfillment, and much, much more.