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Headquartered in Poway, CA, PosterElite is one of the largest providers of Labor Law Poster Compliance Services in the United States. The company was founded by Paul Abel in 2005, inspired by an incident that occurred at a previous venture.  A restaurant owned by Paul attracted a lawsuit because of an injury sustained by one of his workers. Even though Abel had taken steps to maintain a compliant workplace, when the incident caught the attention of a state labor law inspector, they pointed out several compliance violations and levied fines.  In that moment, the mission behind PosterElite was born – help employers simplify compliance and avoid fines and lawsuits.

We pride ourselves on helping so many employers cope with regulatory changes while delivering comprehensive, easy to use, and cost-effective solutions that simplify compliance, and prevent costly fines or lawsuits.

Since 2005, PosterElite and its parent company, Elite Business Ventures, has helped over 1,000,000 businesses of all sizes and industries comply with the latest labor laws and safety regulations

Helping HR & Payroll Providers, Benefit Brokers, and PEO’s

We are the trusted provider of labor law poster compliance solutions for more than 1000 business partners, resellers, and distributors. Our turnkey, white-label approach helps service providers easily and seamlessly deploy labor law poster compliance services for the benefit of their clients. Because of them, our posters are hanging in company break rooms across the USA.

Always innovating and thinking ahead

PosterElite is not a poster printing company.  We provide labor law poster compliance as a service via innovative solutions and technology, including our patent pending ePosterService™ – online labor law poster compliance for remote employees.  PosterElite is reinventing the labor law poster compliance landscape with new capabilities that will make these important services more accessible for employers and easier than ever for service providers to deploy to their clients.


Businesses use ePosterService for remote employees poster compliance.



Remote employees rely on ePosterService.


Employers have relied on us for labor law poster compliance.