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Increase the value you provide, and the revenue you receive in return.

One thing all your current and prospective clients have in common is a need to comply with labor laws. With hundreds of different laws nationwide related to labor law posters, not to mention constant changes and the need to reach remote workers, keeping up with labor law postings can prove too cumbersome for your clients, putting them at risk for fines and lawsuits.
By partnering with PosterElite, you can do this effortlessly. Boost your revenue, increase your competitiveness and deepen your client relationships by taking their labor law poster challenges off their hands. PosterElite handles all of the details, including:
  • A white-labeled service where we do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit
  • Turnkey fulfillment and ongoing updates of labor law posters for your clients
  • Remote employee poster compliance solution
  • Proven client acquisition and engagement strategies
  • Online resources and updates covering city & county mandated notices
  • Backed by a $25,000 We-Pay-The-Fine Guarantee
  • Convenient, pay-as-you-go pricing reduces cost and eliminates risk

Partnering with PosterElite helps you



Reinforce your trusted advisor status with clients by offering needed services.



Use a free labor law poster offer to attract, engage and acquire new clients.



Build brand loyalty with a white labeled solution your clients can rely upon.


Strengthen your bonds with your clients while generating revenue, loyalty and trust.

PosterElite increases revenue and satisfaction.

A large national HR Services firm was receiving regular requests from their clients for a labor poster solution. We partnered with them to offer the poster service for purchase directly or in higher value bundled services. The result was an increase in client satisfaction and an additional $2M in revenue for the company.

What partners are saying.

Read our story or take our clients’ words for it.

I originally contacted PosterElite seeking a new labor law poster vendor for my bureau. I was surprised by their low pricing but soon realized that they had no intention of simply selling me posters. PosterElite quickly became a true solutions partner for my company and has helped me tremendously with both growth in my core business and retention of my existing client base.

– Bruce Patz, President, Advantage Payroll Services

All-in-all, our experience working with PosterElite has been nothing less than superb. They make poster compliance for my clients easy and worry-free, while giving my bureau all the credit! As we continue to transform our menu of services, we know PosterElite will be there to assist us in becoming a true HCM provider.

– Michael Gilberstadt, CEO, Telepayroll

Due to COVID-19 a majority of our workforce started working remotely. We were looking for a solution to effectively distribute the Federal, State and local jurisdiction Labor Law notices electronically to our employees across the U.S. We looked at a couple of different vendors that provided similar services, but ePosterService was the most user friendly. We loved how it was able to track employee acknowledgements of the provided notices. We’ve found this software so easy to manage. We have peace of mind knowing we are compliant.

– NTT Global

As a Platinum Partner of PosterElite, we decided to take advantage of the Lead Generation Program. Skeptical and in need of appointments, we quickly launched with 4 local chambers of commerce. The lead responses came pouring in. To start, we booked 20 payroll appointments, closing 3, and generating an additional $4,000 in annualized revenue with an additional 4 payroll proposals pending; the program has already paid for itself.

– Scott Langer, Horizon Payroll

I immediately executed PosterElite’s Free Poster Program to convert my clients onto the Pay-As-You-Go E-Update Service. The process was 100% turn-key and painless, with no disruption of my day-to-day business. In addition, the compliance solution I now provide to my clients has boosted retention, profitability and effectively blocks my competition. Because the roll-out strategy worked exactly as planned and PosterElite provided all the heavy lifting on the campaign, I would be foolish not to repeat this process quarterly for all the new clients I bring on board.

– Ken Jackson, President, ETS Payroll

We are so lucky to have PosterElite as a business partner. It is just another way for us to provide excellent service to our clients to keep them in compliance. Initially, we auto enrolled our existing clients, and we provided them with a free initial poster. Because the department of labor is really stepping up their on-site audits, we have been able to keep our clients from penalties and fines – win!

– Tricia Petteys, Payroll Vault


Businesses use ePosterService for remote employees poster compliance.


Remote employees rely on ePosterService.


Employers have relied on us for labor law poster compliance.