Simplify compliance and avoid hefty fines and lawsuits in the age of remote work.

When the Paper Poster Isn’t Enough

As more employees are working remotely than ever before, employers have a new problem – comply with labor law poster regulations for REMOTE workers, or face increased risk of fines and lawsuits.

Most employers know that they are required by law to place certain posters in the workplace. However, many employers do not know they have the same obligation to provide these posters to their remote employees, or face increased risk of fines and lawsuits.

This is why we created ePosterService, an online, intelligent system to assist employers in effortlessly maintaining poster compliance for the remote workforce.

High Risk Scenarios:

  • An employee that normally works from your physical workplace begins working from home, but home is in a different city, county or even state and has different labor law requirements.
  • New federal and state labor law updates are released for Earned Sick Time and FMLA regulations (based on COVID-19), but your workforce is not onsite to access them in the breakroom.
  • There is a remote employee dispute or lawsuit stemming from Paid Leave, Pregnancy Accommodation, Discrimination, Gender Equity, Minimum Wage, Working Conditions, etc. and the remote employee did not have access to the applicable labor law notice(s).

Take away the complexities of managing remote workforce posting compliance

PosterElite’s 100% digital solution, ePosterService, is the most comprehensive solution available to help employers ensure labor law poster compliance for their remote employees. And with the one-of-a-kind certificate of acknowledgement, create an audit trail to prove compliance!

Distribute and automatically update Federal / State / County / City mandatory posting requirements

We’ve simplified the whole process. ePosterService effortlessly keeps your remote workforce up to date on the latest labor law requirements by automatically posting them to your team.

Stop wasting time researching Government posting requirements

We research all State, Federal, City and County government posting requirements. Doing all the hard work leaves you free to focus on your job.

No more mailing posters or PDF’s to employees

Our patent pending notification mechanism and certificate of employee acknowledgement help employers be sure that they have properly distributed the notices, AND, demonstrate that employees have received, viewed, and acknowledged receipt of them.

More than just a poster. Eliminate complexity and offer peace of mind for your clients.

Become a partner and we will show you how.

 This is the way managing poster compliance should be

Here are some of the features we’ve included in our service that make poster compliance so much easier.


Quickly Add & Remove Employees

With intuitive employee management screens, employers can add new employees in seconds.   For large organizations (over 100 employees) we can do it for you.  Simply archive them if they leave your company.


Automatic Poster Updates & Notifications

No more time-consuming management of labor law poster updates. The intelligent system automatically sends notifications directly to your employees whenever a new notice must be read and acknowledged.

Automatic Reminders

If employees do not visit the system after receiving a notification to do so, the system will automatically send them reminders to help ensure your remote employees follow through, and your business maintains compliance.

Employee Acknowledgement

Remote employees must acknowledge that they have viewed notices.  A Certificate of Acknowledgement is retained in the system, providing employers with a legal defense in the event of an employee dispute.

Location Based Poster Distribution

Labor laws and associated posters may be different in the employee’s physical work location than they are at the corporate office.  Our system knows which ones your employees should receive depending on where they work.

City & County Notices

In addition to the federal and state labor law posters you are most familiar with, the service also provides your employees with their local mandatory city and county notices when appropriate.

Low Cost. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Our low monthly rate is designed to help employers make an easy decision to automate this process.  Say goodbye to contracts and minimum terms with our no risk, simple, pay-as-you-go monthly payment plan.

English & Spanish Posters

Simply add your remote employee’s language preference (English or Spanish) and the appropriate version will be provided to them automatically where regulations require a Spanish version.

Be the hero. Solve your client’s remote and work from home compliance challenges.

Become a partner and we will show you how.

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