Poster order processing varies depending on the PosterElite product or service, as well as by state – especially at end of year as many states publish the new required notices. For questions about the state’s shipping status, please reference the table below. These statuses are updated daily, and are subject to change depending on changing laws in each state, availability of the detailed posting requirement, and peak order periods. Visit for information about the most recent released posting requirements per state, and our Poster Status FAQ’s for answers to our most common questions.
E-Update Service & Anniversary Posters

Clients with an E-update Service subscription receive a new All In One State and Federal Labor Law Poster following the anniversary of their subscription (not tied to calendar year). Anniversary posters are typically shipped to subscribers within 30 days of the anniversary date. At year end, due to the many changes by states and peak demand, this timeframe may extend to 45 days. In any event, the E-updates will be sent whenever there is a change, ensuring subscribers remain compliant.

Poster Replacement Service

Clients with the replacement solution receive a new All In One State and Federal Labor Law Poster when there is a mandatory change in their state. Typically, replacements are sent to subscribers within 30 to 60 days of a such a change. To avoid confusion when there are multiple changes in a short period of time (as is often the case at year end), we will wait until all changes are available before shipping the replacement poster.

Please refer to the table below to determine if your state is shipping as normal or “on hold” due to an anticipated change.

Non-subscription Poster Orders

Labor law posters are made to order so that we may place our partner brand on the labor law poster prior to sending to the client. Most of the year, posters ordered outside of a subscription service are typically shipped within about 5 business days, unless a change for that state is in process. During peak periods like January, it may take a few more days. If there is an anticipated change effective January 1, by default we place the order “ON HOLD” until the updated posting is available and the updated All in One poster is ready. If your order status is “ON HOLD” and you would like your order released immediately (for the current poster version), please email us at and include your order number.