Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions & answers are the most commonly asked end of year related questions we receive from our clients.

What states are pending changes?
To find out the current status of the poster for your state, please visit  Please note – PosterElite does not know in advance when a notice will be released, and will not release posters until the official notice is released by the state agency.  Pending changes are based on known legislative changes that impact posting requirements. On occasion, governing agencies release unanticipated notices as well.
Which poster will be sent if a state has a pending change?

If a state has a known change pending, the order will be placed on hold by default, and automatically sent once the updates have been released and incorporated into the labor law poster.  This helps ensure that businesses receive the most up-to-date poster version when it arrives.  However, if there is an urgent need, or only the currently available poster is required, please contact to release the order, and we will ship the current version.  Please include the order number in your email.

How can I confirm that a poster is compliant?
The best way is to use the QR Code on the poster.  Using the camera app on a smartphone (or use a dedicated QR reader app),  scan the QR code in the top left corner, and a screen will appear with compliance status.  Green = Compliant.  Red = Out of Date.  Red indicates that there have been updates to the notice on your poster since it was shipped to you.  However, subscribers to the E-Update service will have received these updates, and if printed/posted along with the All in One poster, the subscriber will remain in compliance. In addition, another simple way to check if a poster is compliant is to view the revision date at the top left corner of the poster. We list all current revision dates on our website If the date at the top left matches the revision date listed at, then the poster is the most current version available.
Is there a notification when a poster is available to be shipped?
PosterElite does not send out notifications when new all in one poster revisions are available, however, you can check the status of your state any time at, which is updated real-time.
How long after placing a poster order will it arrive?

Poster orders are generally processed and shipped within 3 to 5 business days of the order.  Unless otherwise requested and billed at a higher shipping rate, poster orders are shipped via ground service, which normally takes between 3 and 7 business days depending on the location.

At the end of the year, there are states with notices that become effective on the first of the following year (e.g. updated minimum wage). If a state has not published the official updated version of the notice as of the time you place your order, we will place your order on hold until the new notice is published, and then ship once the updated poster is ready.   This occurs mainly in December in January.  Placing orders on hold in this manner ensures that your client receives a poster with the new notice that takes effect in January (which is what they are most likely expecting). If requested, we will release the order and ship the most current version at that time.  Please contact to release an order, and include the order # with your request.

I need to reship a poster

No problem! To request a reship, please submit a reship ticket via your online order portal.

Do my clients receive any instructions with their annual poster?

Yes, there are instructions included with each anniversary poster package and with each replacement poster package.  These instructions alert your client to replace their old poster currently hanging on the wall with the new poster included in the package they received.

Can I see a list of my clients that are currently active with PosterElite?

Yes!  You can get this list from your client portal.  Hover over the “Orders” section located in the blue bar at the top of the page.  Select “export orders.” Near the top left of the page, you will see a drop-down that says “All Orders-Export.”  Choose that dropdown, and select “All Active Pay-As-You-Go Subscription Orders.” Above the “order status” column, you will see a small cog.  Click on the cog, and select Export to Spreadsheet.