Shipping Status by State

Order processing varies depending on the PosterElite product or service, as well as by state.  For questions about each state’s shipping status, please reference the table below.  These statuses are updated daily, and are subject to change depending on changing laws in each state, availability of the detailed posting requirement, and peak order periods.  Visit for information about the most recent released posting requirements per state.

E-Update Service - Clients with an e-update service receive a new All In One state and federal labor law poster on the anniversary of their subscription (not tied to calendar year).  These anniversary posters are shipped out by the end of the month of the anniversary.

Poster Replacement Service - Clients with the replacement solution receive a new All In One state and federal labor law poster after changes to mandatory posting notices have been released by their state.  Please refer to the table below to find out if your state is pending a change (listed as “on hold”).

Non-subscription Poster Orders - Posters ordered outside of a subscription service are shipped according to the standard shipping schedule, unless a change for that state is imminent.  States with pending changes are placed on hold by default, and released when the change is complete. If you would like your order released immediately (for the current poster version), please contact us and include your order number.